Hearing Testimonials

See what our patients have to say about their experience with our practice in Petaluma, CA.

When Phyllis Burt first came to Petaluma and opened her office, my husband went to her for his hearing aids. The service he received the first visit and each one after that for several years was amazing. When I needed to have hearing aids, where else would I go but to Phyllis Burt?

When she was retiring, she was looking for someone that would give her patients the same service as she had! She did! Dennis Tobin was a very good choice!!

My first visit with Dennis was just like I had with Phyllis - he was great, explained things and answered my questions so I could understand them. I am 87 years old and even at my age Dennis is very comfortable to talk to.

I was very happy to see Dennis and he has some of the same staff- one Patricia Thomas - still there. I'm sure a lot of his new patients and old ones are happy too!

Dennis Tobin - I wish you much Happiness and Success at Park Place Hearing Center.

I love Park Place Hearing Center in Petaluma. I have an extreme hearing loss and the staff have knowledge with a heart, patience and integrity. They are #1 in my lengthy experience. I am a happy client. Park Place has met my expectations 100% and hopefully will meet yours as well.

Thank you to Laura Dundas, Doctor of Audiology...this week Laura retested my hearing loss...after the test, with the results, she made several adjustments to my hearing aids...yesterday, I attended my reglar meeting at the Rotary Club of Novato... it was the first time, in about five years, I could comprehend what the various speakers were saying...following the Rotary meeting I attended the movie theatre...normally, I use the theatre hearing head set, along with my aids, to listen to a movie...yesterday, without the headset, I could hear the movie even when the actors whispered, whispering is something I did not hear in the past...I hope this is not a temporary hearing recovery but actually a permanent fix with the adjustments Laura made to my hearing aids...thank you, until you lose your hearing you cant truly appreciate what a gift hearing truly is ...

It (hearing aids) has made a huge difference in my life. I cannot imagine life without my hearing aids. I have had wonderful experiences with my office visits, am extremely pleased with the staff who are very friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend Park Place Hearing Center – excellent service.

I resisted getting hearing aids for two years and now I wonder why. Seldom do I need to have people repeat themselves. Attending meetings, I no longer need to ask others what was said. They are comfortable and easy to use. Right from the start the initial adjustment was just right. I can’t say enough good things about them – personal and caring attention. I have recommended Park Place Hearing Center to others.

My hearing aids are essential to my daily functioning: hearing a clerk at checkout, talking on the phone to make social and medical appointments. I can now hear my 5-year old granddaughter’s voice and participate in conversations with my husband and enjoy social groups. The staff is very professional and solicitous of my needs. They are warm and friendly. I would recommend Park Place Hearing Center.