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Various Noises of the Ears

Various Noises of the Ears

Having a constant sound within your ear can become irritating and frustrating over time, especially if there is no external source for it. If you find that you are experiencing strange noises within the ear with no external stimuli, you may be suffering from a form of tinnitus or even hearing loss.

Tinnitus is a ringing sensation or a buzzing sound within the ears. This sound can result due to excessive earwax buildup which can cause your ears to become itchy. Earwax buildup can eventually lead to the wax coming in direct contact with your eardrums which can create pressure. Luckily, excessive earwax buildup can be removed using a simple cleaning procedure thus this form of tinnitus can be easily rectified. Make sure you contact an Ear, Nose and Throat doctor if you feel you have an excessive buildup of earwax to enable them to guide you regarding the appropriate cleaning methods.

Another type of sensation is the popping of the ears which can result from a severe cold or allergies. This crackling sensation results due to Eustachian Tube Dysfunction which is caused by the inflammation of the Eustachian tubes. People often notice this popping sensation especially when they blow their nose, swallow, or yawn. An easy remedy that can help alleviate this uncomfortable sensation is through the use of nasal sprays.

The sensitive muscles within the ear can sometimes generate a deep, rumbling sound in the ears. A specific type of muscle known as the tensor tympani muscle is known to respond to sudden noises and intentionally lowers the volume of these sounds to protect your inner ear from damage. This particular type of sound is more noticeable when people yawn.

Puslatile tinnitus is another type of sound generated by the ears as a result of fluctuations in the flow of blood. The sound generated by this gushing blood flow is a pounding sensation within the ears. Common causes of this sensation are pregnancy, overactive thyroid, of exercise.