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Hearing Loss is a Family Problem

Hearing Loss is a Family Problem

Suffering from hearing loss not only hinders your hearing, it also affects your communication and relationship with your family and loved ones. Family is a place of comfort and safety where people let down their social barriers and are more relaxed. Children tend to yell back their answers from across the hall or through closed doors, which can be difficult to comprehend for those with hearing loss.

In any family, communication is a vital element to bonding and can lead to disarray if hindered. People with hearing loss can slow down communication to the point where it becomes frustrating for all the family members especially the one with hearing loss. This can result in half-hearted replies or avoidance of communication altogether to prevent repetition or the embarrassment of not being heard properly.

People with hearing loss can sometimes forget to wear their hearing aids, which can lead to disrupted communication. In such cases, it is important to politely remind your loved one to put on their hearing aid so that you can communicate with them effectively. Be patient and kind when dealing with a family member with hearing loss since their mistakes are unintentional and they are doing the best they can. Reacting angrily over repeating yourself constantly only heightens the stress of the person with hearing impairment and they may feel hurt and isolated.

The best way to effective communication is to accept the reality that a loved one in your family has hearing loss. This acceptance can enable you to come up with creative, alternative methods to facilitate effective communication and ensure that the time you spend at home with your family is full of joy and laughter.