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Hearing Aids that Can Be Fitted By You

Hearing Aids that Can Be Fitted By You

Self-fitted hearing instruments are an alternative to the traditional type of hearing aids that are available in the market to treat hearing loss. Essentially, these hearing aids can be fitted and used by the users themselves and are essentially a self-diagnosed and self-amplified version of hearing aids.

Basically, self-fitted hearing devices are sound amplifiers that can be used to determine your degree of hearing loss and can also be installed and programmed by yourself. These devices do not require the assistance of a hearing care professional or a medical doctor.

Many people are hesitant to visit medical professionals to get their hearing tested. For those people, self-fitted hearing aids can be a welcome alternative to seek treatment for their hearing loss.

It is important to note, however, that even though self-fitted hearing devices may seem appealing due to their discreet, convenient nature, they are not as effective as hearing aids that are fitted by hearing care professionals. In fact, the satisfaction rate and utilitarian rate of self-fitted devices is much lower than traditional hearing aids that are fitted by medical professionals.

A problem with self-fitting hearing devices is that they are open to subjective interpretation, which makes them difficult to use for those with poor cognitive skills. Those who know nothing about the world of hearing loss and hearing aids would have a difficult time navigating their way around these new, unfamiliar devices. Some people even have dexterity issues and have trouble handling the delicate, tiny buttons and wheels of these hearing devices.

Even though self-fitted hearing devices are more convenient since you can simply install them in your own time within the comfort of your own home, there are still some drawbacks to this type of hearing device.

Self-fitted hearing aids are new in the market and there is still very limited research regarding the effectiveness of such devices. Traditional hearing aids that are fitted by clinicians who are experts in the field of hearing care can provide a far more advanced hearing experience that is customized to each individual user. Since hearing care professionals are well aware of the unique hearing needs every user requires, they can program hearing aids to suit the user’s needs with ease and expertise.

Using self-fitted hearing devices may eventually end up being a disappointing experience, especially if you are not good at installing new and unfamiliar devices. Even if you successfully install the device, taking your hearing health into your own hands may be dangerous since you may not be honest with yourself regarding the actual severity of your hearing loss. Having your hearing examined by a hearing care professional provides a neutral viewpoint and examination that is geared towards your best interest with no hidden agenda. As of now, it is always recommended to get your hearing examined by a hearing care professional and obtain hearing aids directly from the clinic. This way your audiologist can help guide you regarding how best to utilize your hearing aids.