The Ins and Outs of Bluetooth Hearing Aids

Posted on: May 16, 2018

Bluetooth technology is everywhere. As such, it makes sense that Bluetooth hearing aids are the fastest growing trend for people who have trouble hearing. For many years, people with hearing issues suffered without being able to use the latest and greatest communication devices. However, with the advent of Bluetooth hearing aids, these people can now connect easily and seamlessly to all of the communication devices.

Bluetooth hearing aids connect wirelessly using Bluetooth technology and wireless streaming accessories that are Bluetooth compatible. In the modern world, almost all devices for communication are Bluetooth compatible including televisions, cell phones, FM systems, GPS systems and much more.


Bluetooth accessories are compatible with virtually all types of hearing aids. Hearing aids with Bluetooth are available in behind-the-ear mode, mini-hearing aid mode, in-the-ear mode, and in-the-canal devices. It is important to remember that each manufacturer provides a different array of Bluetooth-enabled products and accessories.

This allows the user to have as comfortable a hearing aid as possible, while still being able to take full advantage of modern technology. The compatibility of these hearing aids meets all of the user's communication needs.


With a Bluetooth hearing aid, the patient no longer needs to worry about switching out their hearing aid or adjusting the volume on their device in order to avoid feedback. By integrating the hearing aid into the device's own sound profile, it is incredibly convenient for the user to continue with their daily life undisturbed by the challenges with hearing.

The Latest Technology

Many years ago, Telequat was a new and exciting technology for people with hearing trouble to use hearing aids while operating a landline phone.  In a similar fashion today, Bluetooth is the exciting new technology that makes connectivity in the everyday world more accessible.

Bluetooth is in everything and somebody with a Bluetooth hearing aid can easily connect to the world around them. Whether it is using a telephone to make a phone call, using a tablet or a computer, watching television at home or even using the GPS navigation system in a car, Bluetooth hearing aids connect the person to the device they are using.

In addition, users do not even have to be tech-savvy. In fact, once a Bluetooth headset connects to a device, it works to eliminate the annoyances of all technology such as feedback or static.


Bluetooth is extremely discreet, which allows somebody that has a hearing disability to participate in the modern world and all of its communication benefits, without making it obvious that they have a hearing disability.

As a patient who wants to partake in this technological advancement, give us a call and find out if Bluetooth hearing aids are the right fit for you. Determining eligibility is the first step to having complete freedom with some of the best modern technology available for hearing aid patients. Call us today.