Test Early and Often with a Regular Hearing Exam

Posted on: August 29, 2018

Anyone experiencing hearing issues, it is probably a good idea to get a hearing exam. Approximately 15 percent of adults ages 18 and over, one-fourth of adults age 65 to 74, and half of adults age 75 and older have reported some level of hearing loss, according to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders. While the likelihood of sustaining hearing loss rises with age, the younger popular can still suffer from this impairment.

To protect hearing, test early and often

Most people wait until their hearing ability has lessened tremendously to seek out a hearing exam and hearing help, but having hearing tested sooner has many benefits. The sooner a person realizes they have some degree of hearing loss, the sooner they can seek hearing assistance. If they are not yet ready for hearing assistance, they can learn tips about how to protect their hearing from further damage.

Hearing is important for relationships

When a person does not realize their loved one has trouble hearing, they may think the other person is just ignoring them or not paying attention when they are speaking. This causes annoyance and frustration, and it may also come across as disrespectful to the person speaking. If there is knowledge of hearing loss, more patience with communication in relationships is present.

Rediscover joyful noises

Many people who suffer from hearing loss do not realize the full extent of their hearing damage. People who receive an exam and hearing assistance report being able to hear things they did not know they were missing out on like rustling leaves during autumn, waterfalls and their grandchildren or children laughing.

Never miss an emergency

It would be awful to know that an emergency phone call was missed because hearing ability was impaired. A hearing exam will reveal the extent of hearing damage and provide hearing aid options. Today's hearing aids not only enable a person to hear a phone ring, but they are also outfitted with Bluetooth technology that can connect to a cell phone so a person will never miss an important call again.

Do not wait to get tested

Hearing exams only take about 30 minutes and can provide a world of insight. Sacrificing this short amount of time for an exam that could change a person's life and make that person a better friend and loved one to others is no sacrifice at all. These exams are not painful, and they are non-invasive. Results are offered immediately so there will be no questions about hearing level following the test, and the patient and an audiologist can begin discussing options for hearing assistance if needed.

Call for information or to make an appointment

If you are interested in learning more about having your hearing tested, getting tips on protecting your ears from further damage and acquiring information about hearing aids, we can help. A hearing exam and treatment is a simple test that can make important changes in your life.

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