Ordering Custom Hearing Aids vs. Completing a Hearing Aid Repair

Posted on: July 16, 2018

We provide patients with custom hearing aids. They are designed specifically for the needs of our patients and for their comfort. Anyone who does not like their current hearing aid should visit us to learn about the options that are available.

New, custom hearing aids are often the best option

Many patients choose a custom solution because they are tired of feeling that theirs does not fit securely or provide the best quality sound. Our solutions are going to resemble natural, perfect, hearing the most closely.

Sometimes a hearing aid can be repaired

In some situations, it may be possible to repair a hearing aid, rather than replace it. Volume fluctuations are a standard issue that hearing aids face. Depending on which hearing aid someone has, this unfortunate issue may present itself in different ways. Wearers should be able to adjust the volume of their hearing aids to their preference, but some hearing aids are meant to auto-adjust according to the level of noise coming through. If there are any issues in adjusting noise, sounds are coming through too loud, or hearing aid wearers are struggling to hear what someone is saying at a reasonable level, they should have their hearing aid repaired.

Distorted sound is a problem some hearing aid wearers experience. In some cases, the problem could stem from something as simple as needing new batteries, but in other cases it could be a result of water damage, setting issues or loose mechanisms that need to be repaired.

Finding the right fit

Sometimes people who wear hearing aids think there is something wrong with the device themselves that needs to be repaired, but the problem stems from them not fitting correctly overall. If hearing aids are not adjusted correctly, they can cause discomfort, malfunction and amplified background noise. They also do not look as sleek or hidden if they are not fitted correctly. Having hearing aids refitted is an easy fix. However, that does not work for everyone. In this case, custom hearing aids are going to fit the best and be the most comfortable.

Find out if you need a new hearing aid or if yours can be repaired

Whether your hearing aids are malfunctioning from a low battery, improper fit or broken mechanism, we can provide you with a solution. Modern hearing aids are built to last and perform seamlessly, and if they are not doing this, they should be repaired as soon as possible to provide you with the level of hearing you desire. To learn more about possible hearing aid problems or how we can help improve your hearing aids, call or come by today.

While here, we will conduct an examination and determine if it is best to repair or replace the hearing aid. If we recommend a custom hearing aid, it will be to provide the most comfortable fit and best quality sound possible.

Improve your hearing. Improve your life.

Being able to hear is critical and directly impacts a person's enjoyment of life. Visit us to discover how we can help to improve your hearing today.

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