Need Hearing Aid Repair Services? What You Can and Cannot Fix Yourself

Posted on: June 16, 2018

Thinking you might be in need of hearing aid repair because your hearing aids are not working as they should? Sometimes the problem is minor, which means you can fix it yourself, but you can still choose to take them in for professional repair. Having a professional take care of any problems you may be experiencing with your hearing aids can definitely give you peace of mind.

What can be fixed by the wearer

One of the more common problems people experience with their hearing aids is that it will not turn on. When this happens, it usually has something to do with the batteries. If the hearing aid is in the "on" position and all the settings are correct, then most likely a fresh set of batteries is all that is needed. It is a good idea to clean the battery area from time to time in order to remove any debris or corrosion.

If the sounds someone hears when wearing their hearing aids is very distorted or comes and goes, they should first check to make sure that the batteries are still fresh. If so, checking the settings to make sure the right program is selected is the next step.

If the hearing aid is on and the batteries are good but there is no sound at all, it is necessary to check the microphone to see if it is clean, as well as the ear mold tubing to make sure it is clear.

If the wearer hears whistling or feedback, it means that the fit is not quite right. Cleaning the ears to remove any existing wax so the hearing aid will fit is required.

If the hearing aids still do not work after following the above tips, then professional hearing aid repair services are needed.

When hearing aids need professional repair

While regular cleaning and gentle maintenance is often required to keep hearing aids performing at their best, taking them in for professional repair simply ensures that the repair will be done exactly as it should be.

Need repair or advice for your hearing aid?

If you think you need professional hearing aid repair, we can help. If you need any advice on your hearing aids, we welcome your call. Whether you are someone who has been wearing a hearing aids for many years or who has recently gotten new ones, we can offer you advice and answer any questions you may have. Know that there are always new and improved hearing aids available due to new technologies, so keeping up to date on your hearing aid choice is always a good idea.

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