How Long Do Hearing Aids Last?

Posted on: June 18, 2018

Hearing Aids

Wondering how often you have to replace a hearing aid? Hearing aids are necessary for those who have difficulty hearing others and are now more popular due to recent advancements that make them easier to wear. While many people think that hearing aids are only for older people, they are available for anyone who is hard of hearing, including children.

Facts about hearing loss and hearing aids

Signs of hearing loss

Some signs that you may be in need of a hearing aid include consistently asking people to repeat what they just said, wanting to listen to the television louder than other household members and no longer wanting to answer the phone.

About hearing devices

There are many different types of hearing devices available. A professional doctor will perform the necessary medical examination and then make a recommendation based on the results. When a hearing aid is necessary for someone to hear better, the patient will have choices when it comes to deciding on a hearing aid that works for them.

How to choose

Asking for recommendations from people who already wear hearing aids is a great idea. Wearing a hearing aid will take getting used to and may require a little patience on the wearer’s part. The more a new hearing aid wearer can learn about hearing devices, the better.

How long do they last?

Only with proper maintenance and care can someone get the most use out of their hearing devices. How long they will last depends on the quality of the hearing aid, as well as how properly they are maintained and cared for. They can even be brought to a professional to be inspected on a regular basis in order to be sure that they are still doing their job. This means that a good quality hearing aid that is properly taken care of can last about seven years.

Wondering how long hearing aid batteries should last? A battery for a hearing aid tends to work somewhere between one and two weeks, depending on how often it is being worn.

In need of hearing aids?

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