Hearing Loss Solution Improvements and Invisible Hearing Aids

Posted on: April 16, 2018

Invisible Hearing Aids

Hearing loss solutions have seen many improvements through the years, including the development of invisible hearing aids. Gone are the days of amplified background noise and hard, uncomfortable hearing aids. Today, patients go through a fitting process that customizes hearing aids to be as comfortable and attractive as possible. Not only have hearing aids improved in appearance but they are also more technologically impressive.

Reduced background noise

One of the most common hearing aid complaints in the past was the fact that they amplified background noise, making it hard for the wearer to decipher where sounds were coming from, what people were saying and how loud they themselves were speaking. These issues made it almost pointless to even wear them for many people. Now, hearing aids have background noise filters that prevent these complications from happening.

Directional microphones

Directional microphones are now installed on all hearing aids. This feature works with the background filter by using a technology that picks out exactly where voices are coming from and receiving only that noise so when people are speaking to the wearer it is clear who is speaking and from where the sounds are coming.

Reduced feedback

Another unappealing feature of former models of hearing aids was the feedback generated from the wearer’s own voice when he or she spoke. This problem was distracting as it would make it hard for the wearer to hear what someone was saying while still hearing echoes of his or her own speech. Today, this feature has been amended and feedback is minimal.

Wireless tech

Modern-day hearing aids are compatible for wireless use with phones, TVs and computers via Bluetooth technology. This technology allows the wearer to use the hearing aids as headphones or a Bluetooth earpiece for hands-free phone talking. It is possible to change the settings on one or both hearing aids using Bluetooth so that, if a call comes in, it will interrupt the television or music and the wearer can answer the call.

Modern tech

Hearing aids are now also capable of receiving and analyzing sound before it enters the ear, automatically adjusting the volume and intensity of the sound as needed. Old versions of hearing aids just had a manual volume adjuster that the wearer had to operate continuously to reduce too much noise or to amplify softer sounds.

In addition to these great technological features, hearing aids are more attractive to wear. They have a sleeker, less-noticeable design that blends in with the ear, essentially making them invisible hearing aids. With color options to choose from that match the wearer's skin and softer, more malleable materials, hearing aids are now more easily missed by the naked eye and feel more comfortable to wear.

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