A Look at How Modern & Phone-compatible Hearing Aids Are Superior to Traditional Ones

Posted on: August 17, 2018

Hearing Aids

With evolving technology and more dependence on cellular devices, the use of phone-compatible hearing aids and Bluetooth technology has become the new standard. Long gone are the days when hearing aids had many drawbacks. Now, hearing aids produce a clearer, more natural sound than many people with hearing loss ever imagined being a possibility.

Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids

The addition of Bluetooth to hearing aids has revolutionized hearing and connectivity. Bluetooth allows users to connect their hearing aids directly to their phones to hear calls, stream TV shows, listen to music and even have text messages read aloud — all of which is sent directly to the hearing aid for the crispest hearing experience possible.

Improved hearing

Traditionally, the biggest complaint about hearing aids was that while they did improve hearing, they also increased the level of background noise to an extent that it was distracting. This made it a challenge to decipher different sounds and where they were coming from. With Bluetooth technology, the sound is sent directly to the hearing aid so noises are distinguishable easily when users are trying to watch TV or listen to music.

Interference no more

Another common complaint with past hearing aid models was the interference sound the user experienced when trying to use their phones. This annoying buzzing noise occurs when placing the phone close to the hearing aid, causing interference of radio frequencies. With phone-compatible hearing aids, the phone does not need to be held so closely to the hearing aid, diminishing any unpleasant interference sounds.

Compatible with other devices

Bluetooth-capable hearing aids do not solely work with phones either. They also stream sounds from computers, radios and home audio systems. There are smart apps that allow users to control lights in their homes by connecting them to their hearing aids via Bluetooth. When they turn their hearing aids off for the evening, they also turn off nearby lights. Bluetooth hearing aids are programmable to be able to stream sound to one hearing aid at a time or both hearing aids. This allows users to leave one hearing aid open to hear people speaking or traffic sounds when driving. Otherwise, the hearing aids work like a pair of Bluetooth headphones work.

Versatile hearing aids

In addition to the great qualities of these Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids, they can connect to more than one device at a time. If the person wearing the aid is watching a movie but also needs to be alert for an incoming phone call, the hearing aids can connect to the computer and phone so any calls interrupt the movie and come through straight to the user.

Find a hearing aid for you

If your hearing aids seem outdated or you wish to find a pair that suits you better, schedule an appointment with our office today. We can provide you with phone-compatible hearing aids that feature the most recent technology available to give you the best listening experience possible.

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